capable of generating in-depth flight plan packages featuring detailed fuel planning, weather forecasts, current NOTAMs, ETOPS calculations, and much more 


Our 1 day ETOPS Course immediately follows the Advanced International Flight Planning Course.This is a one-day course that is designed to be useful for those who want to work for an airline that operates over oceanic and desert (or other isolated) routes

It's up to you as PIC if  EDTO Flight Preparation and Planning. Aircraft serviceability and EDTO alternate planning minima. EDTO Fuel Planning, Include critical fuel scenario. MEL /  Our expertise in creating fully integrated solutions means no matter what flight planning system you are currently using, we can integrate our ETOPS software to   ETOPS-Planning Minima have to be applied. • NOTAM for applicable restrictions of navigation-aids or aerodrome limitations. • ADDITIONAL FUEL (Critical Fuel  13 Feb 2019 Extended Operations (ETOPS/EDTO) applies to operators wishing to use EDTO alternate planning minima.

Etops fuel planning

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Calculate for critical fuel, driftdown, and ETOPS compliance. Modify flight plan details  AIRBUS ETOPS COURSE Critical fuel scenario, eventual additional ETOPS fuel PUBLISHED TO AID FLIGHT CREWS IN THERE PRE-TAXI PLANNING. This definition applies to flight planning and does not in any way limit the authority of the (i) Fuel sufficient to fly to an ETOPS Alternate Airport assuming a rapid  9 Nov 2020 ETOPS can reduce travel time and fuel consumption. The | Find Cost planning required for Non-Etops and Etops for Cengkareng - Perth -. ICAO Requirements for Extended Range Twin-engine Operations (ETOPS) have been in place since Flight OPS, Maintenance Planning (CAMO) and Maintenance OPS (145), Crew Training and Ground Ops, ETOPS Fuel Management Flight continuation to reach commercially favorable alternate; fuel planning exclusively by FMS additional fuel even for non-ETOPS enroute alternates.

23 dec. 2015 — Fuel supplier, planning room, switch-over time. GEN 1.7. GEN 2.1 Sweden uses ETOPS procedures in regulation (EU) 965/2012. Sweden is 

2017 — trip fuel planning and estimation (including regulatory fuel reserves); en ETOPS); cost considerations (e. g. cost index, energy cost, fuel  Type of operation ETOPS, VFR, ferry flight, etc. Verksamhet ETOPS, VFR, överföringsflygning etc.

Etops fuel planning

NOTE: ETOPS fuel calculations must take into account and comply with terrain clearance, § 121.191, and oxygen requirements contained in §§ 121.329 and 121.333. If the rule required for ETOPS in accordance with § 121.646 exceeds the fuel required by § 121.645, then the

Weather check; Fuel requirements; A/C status before EEP; Navigation Check; ETP Calculation; ETOPS Mindset; Boeing 777 case. Case study ETOPS * 19-Jan-2021: 21-Jan-2021: Tue-Thu: 3 days: ETOPS * 23-May-2021: 25-May-2021: Sun-Tue: 3 days: ETOPS * 12-Sept-2021: 14-Sept-2021: Sun-Tue: 3 days Airlines sometimes apply an ETOPS decal to certified aircraft as a reminder that the aircraft requires special attention. ETOPS also requires special flight crew and dispatcher training, additional weather planning, special fuel quantity considerations, and enhanced communication capabilities (satellite communication is often used). An optimal flight planning scenario for saving fuel and emissions involves calculating multiple routes or operating approaches for each flight, ranking these scenarios by total cost, choosing the scenario that best accomplishes the airline's cost objectives, and providing summaries of the other scenarios for operational flexibility (see fig. 2).

ETOPS Critical fuel scenario Hello, I haven't flown ETOPS for a while but while I'm awaiting a new course I had a read through the ETOPS section of our OMA. When determining the critical fuel scenario it is determined by the most critical of the following scenarios: The fuel required with that speed or the critical fuel scenario associated with the applicable ETOPS equal-time point, whichever is higher has to be uplifted.. (3) As permitted in Appendix 4 of this AMC, based on evaluation of the actual situation, “To determine if an optimal route meets the requirement of ETOPS, an ETOPS flight plan must be calculated using the optimal route under a “zero wind” condition.” My opinion is that, if your optimized route stays within the circles (still winds) and you have enough fuel for most critical scenario at CP (forcasted winds), you meet the Study Flight Planning & ETOPS flashcards from Daniel Jaffe's class online, or in Increase reserve fuel by 50% ie 15 mins holding at 1500 ft. OM A 8.18.8.
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ETOPS Planning & Compliance ETOPS was originally developed for aircraft operated under 14 CFR 121 and was originally defined as “Extended Range Operations with Twin Engine Airplanes”. Since the inception of ETOPS, the program has expanded to include aircraft with more than two engines and includes 14 CFR 121 and 135 flight operations. ETOPS fuel Planning Including fuel senario MEL/CDL ETOPS –specific MEL/CDL items Aeroplane System Performance data Aerodrome technical differences, navigation fit . Communications fit Non-normal procedures Navigation failures Action to taken on ETOPS-significant system ; Low fuel scenario . Under the new ETOPS rule, three- and four-engine passenger airplanes flying extended routes will be required to carry an ETOPS fuel reserve.

21 Jun 2017 The operator shall establish a fuel planning and in-flight re-planning Contingency fuel required as a result of ETOPS restrictions must not be  Operator´s ETOPS Operations Manual Matrix and Risk Assessment d) Approved OEI Max planned distance __________NM. ETOPS Fuel Planning. Adequate fuel quantity information should be available to the flight crew, should meet the weather requirements of planning minima for an ETOPS en-. AMC 20-6 Extended Range Operation with Two-Engine Aeroplanes ETOPS (a) During the pre-flight planning phase, given a GPS constellation of 23 satellites or (ii) calculation of single engine fuel requirements under paragraph 10.d.
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ETOPS fuel Planning Including fuel senario MEL/CDL ETOPS –specific MEL/CDL items Aeroplane System Performance data Aerodrome technical differences, navigation fit . Communications fit Non-normal procedures Navigation failures Action to taken on ETOPS-significant system ; Low fuel scenario .

• Pre-flight FMS set-up. • Flight performance progress monitoring. • Flight management, navigation and communication systems. • Aeroplane system monitoring.

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AIROPS24 Trip Planning services are comprehensive to ensure your flight's smooth Choosing an optimal flight route, allowing for maximum efficiency of fuel ETOPS planning if requered with Equal-Time-Point (ETP) information; Ai

If you are like me and do not enjoy much of math doing these days, Flight planning and ETOPS in PFPX and the PMDG 777.